A Hike Around Loch Muick
Loch Muick 06-07-2017 01.jpg

Four Miles in...

Loch Muick Panorama Final.jpg

Glen Muick Panorama. This is a full 180 degree panorama, the road at each end of the photo is the same road!

Loch Muick Stag 06-07-2017 01.jpg

Deer showing little concern for the hikers.

Loch Muick Stags 06-07-2017 02.jpg

Keeping their distance, these deer stayed well up the hillside and out of decent range of even my long lens...

20170706 - Loch Muich - 0002- w.jpg

Meadow Pipit

Loch Muick Looking east 01.jpg

Halfway along the south side of Loch Muick.

Loch Muick Tributary 01  -  s.jpg

The waters running down from the misty hilltops above Loch Muick.

Loch Muick - Looking to Glas-allt Shiel 01.jpg

Glas-allt Shiel the royal hunting lodge sits on the far shore of the loch.

Loch Muick 06-07-2017 04.jpg

At the westernmost end of Loch Muick

Loch Muick 06-07-2017 03.jpg

Looking east.

Loch Muick - Crossing the bridges.jpg

The bridges at the west end of Loch Muick

Loch Muick 06-07-2017 06.jpg

Midges are rife on this part of the walk, although they don't last long and once we reach the trees we are out of them...

Loch Muick 06-07-2017 08.jpg

In the woods around Glas-allt Shiel.

Loch Muick 06-07-2017 10.jpg

Remains of a small pier by the boathouse.

Loch Muick 06-07-2017 11.jpg

Boathouse on the northern shore of Loch Muick

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